“The Secret to Success
Has Finally Been Harnessed
With This Breakthrough
Dream Accelerator Technology!
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  Dear Warriors,

Did you know that the unconscious mind thinks in pictures? It is true. Ask any hypnotist and they will tell you that the secret to a good hypnosis session is keeping the unconscious mind entertained with stories that are highly visual.

Hypnotists speak visually in their inductions. They will describe in detail a city park, hidden between the cold steel and glass structures that is bursting with color – the dark green grass gently swaying in the breeze, blue sky with white puffy clouds, a sparkling lake that is flat as glass with plump ducks and jumping blue gills. They use these word images to lull you into a trance and embed messages in your unconscious mind.

Think about it for just a minute … as you read the above paragraph did you picture it in your mind? Of course you did – it is impossible not to.

We have all heard the stories about Albert Einstein who when faced with a problem would think about it for a while and then would erase if from his mind and take a nap. When he would wake up, he had the answer. The reason that this works, not just for Einstein, but also for you and me, is that when you focus your unconscious mind on a problem it will continue to work on it until it finds a solution or you give it a different command.

The trick is to find a way, everyday, to keep the unconscious mind focused on what you want it to achieve.

Armed with the knowledge that the unconscious mind operates better when it thinks in pictures, I set out to build a software that the user could control, that would allow them to train their unconscious mind, on the goals and results they actually wanted to achieve.

After trial and error I finally perfected it and the results are nothing short of spectacular!

From my personal experience here is a partial list of my accomplishments since using the Dream Accelerator:

  • Learned to surf
  • Learned to scuba dive
  • Learned to play guitar
  • Learned to play harmonica and jammed with some of the best players on the planet!
  • Took Sky diving lessons
  • Built a custom motorcycle and then set a land speed record on it
  • Wrote several eBooks that I sold online
  • Consulted with a Rwanda Gold Mining Operation
  • Traveled extensively
  • Read two to three books each month
  • Became board certified in Hypnosis
  • Became board certified in NLP
  • Wrote a treatment for TV Reality show
  • Studied Spanish
  • Received advanced belts in two different martial arts
  • And more!
Imagine using this powerful software to set your unconscious mind to your own intentions.
Thirty days from now your life could be drastically different with no effort on your part. You could have the things you have been dreaming of, do the things you could only imagine, and be the person you have longed to be, all because you made the wise decision to invest in a simple piece of software that keeps your unconscious mind focused on your intentions like a laser beam on a target.

This software helps keep your unconscious mind focused on the images you want it to be concentrating on, so that achieving those goals becomes easy and effortless. Use it everyday and you can keep your unconscious mind focused on exactly what you want it to think about. You can now create for yourself images that help you achieve all of your goals!

With your permission, I want to send to you this powerful software that has the power to make all of your dreams come true! This software takes over where subliminal tapes and CD’s leave off. This makes all those technologies old and antiquated. Instead of relying on your unconscious mind to translate the words from tapes or CD's into images your unconscious mind will see the exact images you want it to focus on achieving. Nothing could be more powerful. Nothing could be more quick. And nothing could be more effective.

This software is so powerful that you can load it with images of the important things you want out of life, whatever they may be. Perhaps you have been longing for a new shiny convertible sports car, or a second home tucked deep in the mountains, or a dream vacation to some far off exotic beach, or instead perhaps you envision a bank account with more than three commas in the number, or to find true meaningful love, or to strengthen your current relationships.

Whatever it is that you desire, use the power of this breakthrough technology to help you achieve your dreams!

Meditation is a thing of the past. Sitting for hours listening to worthless subliminal CD’s will no longer be needed, and spending endless hours writing your affirmations is over!

Dream Accelerator does the work for you – passively, effortlessly, easily, and automatically! You see, if you are like most of us, you spend your days staring at the computer anyways. So while you are working away, taping those keys, writing emails, maintaining a database, or even while surfing the internet, make double use of that time and send your unconscious mind instructions and motivation to accomplish your goals.

Here’s how this program works:

You control 100% of the content! Upload as many pictures as you like, that represent the goals you want to accomplish. Set the transparency , set the frequency, set the duration and let it go to work.

You can choose to have the images appear in random order or filter through like a slide show. All of this can happen on a complete subliminal level or on a completely conscious level – you choose.

But you can’t buy this software from me at any price!

I am not going to sell this software to individual users. You see, I developed this software for my own personal use and the use of a few close friends, clients, and relations. I am an online marketer but I don’t have time to develop this niche even though I know it is a gold mine!
I can easily see this product being marketed in a number of ways:

  • Law of Attraction niche,
  • Online flash card for educational learning purposes
  • Teaching pre-schoolers their ABC’s, etc
  • Reminder Software –flashes important messages
  • And more

Instead I am offering this software to a few lucky individuals as a Master Resell Rights License.

When you invest in this software you not only get to use this software for your own personal use but you will be able to do what I have not been able to accomplish and that is share this breakthrough technology with the world!

You will receive a complete installer package ready to go.

Here are the master resell rights I am offering:

[No] Can be given away.
[No] Sales Letter
[Yes] Can be offered as a bonus for a paid product.
[Yes] Can be used as paid web content
[Yes] Can be added to paid membership sites
[Yes] Can be offered through auction sites.
[Yes] Can sell Resale Rights
[No] Can sell Private Resale Rights
[No] Can sell Master Resale Rights
[No] Can be sold for less than $10
[No] Can sell on Warrior Forum

The Law of Attraction niche is smoking hot and will continue to be smoking hot! Whether it is you or your customers wanting to know how to make real changes with zero effort, this software delivers. It literally does the work for you and perfectly taps into your needs .

Go now and grab your copy! Quantities are limited.

The cost is only $17!!!

To Your Success,


P.S. Only 100 95 80 Licenses will be sold. When they are gone they are gone.

P.P.S. Private Label Resell Rights Also Available For Only $47. Includes Complete Source Code So You Can Do Your Own Branding. Click Here Now For Private Label Resell Rights.

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